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The Western Mass Tiny Home Initiative will build the first affordable housing micro-cottage community on the East Coast. These alternatives to apartment buildings and town-homes are becoming increasingly common across the Midwest and on the West Coast due to the better quality of living that they offer. Our goal is to work with the Community and build partnerships along with collaborating on grants to enable Springfield to be the first city in New England to host the development of one of these innovative communities.

Our first project will be aimed at low-income Veterans, providing first-time homeowner incentives to increase owner-occupancy in the City of Homes.  A micro-cottage community will enhance the essential character of neighborhoods of beautifully restored urban row houses and apartment buildings.  We will utilize the local community-based resources in the development of this micro-cottage community. 

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Give where the need is greatest by improving blighted areas and developing communities.

Help restore their hope and affirm their dignity by making a place to call home, the most basic of human needs, possible for them. The veterans fight for our lives to be better, as well as for us to have a better life. Not only do they risk their lives, but they do it for our future and the generations ahead of us. Let’s show them how much we actually care for their courageous efforts and that their fight was a good one.

Thank you veteran’s for all you have done.

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